About Our Cups

Beer Die Guys - Cups
We engineered cups specifically made for beer die. Playing with solo cups sucks, both for the game and for the environment. We are hoping to lead the charge in helping people make the switch.

Cup Details

  • Keep beer cold and hold 16oz
  • Sturdy when drilled by dice
  • Unbreakable - lifetime guarantee
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stackable for easy transportation


Red solo cups are everywhere. We want to change that. Solo cups take 500-1,000 years to break down. Over 90% of plastic waste doesn’t even get recycled in the US. With over 20 million kids in college and beer die starting to really take off, we want to help change this. 

If you toss 2-3 times a week with solo cups like we used to, you probably use about 40 red solo cups a week. With 52 weeks a year that’s over 2,000 plastic cups a year. There are over 20 million kids in college in the US and beer die is now all across the country. If we can put an end to the use of solo cups in beer die, we can help reduce the amount of wasted plastic, probably over 200 million cups worth. Maybe do a graphic that shows the amount of cups we think are used each year in beer die and how much plastic would be reduced by switching over to BDG cups. 

Lastly we are partnering with the Ocean Blue Project who are working with #teamseas where every $1 that is donated removes 1 pound of trash from the ocean. We are excited to donate $1 per order to this awesome charity and will continue to increase our donations as we continue to grow. We know we have to protect this beautiful planet and are happy to contribute to that any way we can.