About Our Dice

Beer Die Guys - Dice
We engineered dice specifically for beer die. Regulation size, a great weight, and square cornered, these dice bounce like no other. As previous owners of Bicycle dice, we became unhappy with their inconsistencies and boring look. We want to put an end to Big Dice and allow you to toss dice that are worthy of being a part of the beautiful game

Dice Details

  • 16mm square cornered
  • Optimal weight
  • 5+ custom dot colors
  • Custom logos/designs

Dice Bounce
Our dice have a great pop thanks to the months of testing they went through. The combination of the square corners and the optimal weight have created what we feel are the best dice out there. All of our dice (except the glow in the dark dice) were created from the same engineering process and will bounce and feel the same. 

Dice Options
Right now we offer a variety of dice options. The most affordable dice option are our official dice. These are a great option if you lose dice frequently or if you want to test out our product before placing a big order. We also offer BDG dice featuring our logo and brand colors for the dots. Next we have our glow in the dark dice which help you play all night long. We are working on v2 of these, but are happy with the results so far. Lastly we have our custom dice. These have been a hit and we have loved all of the designs that have come in the last 2 years.

The highest quality, most affordable dice out there, so you can enjoy beer die the way it was meant to be played. Toss anywhere.