About Our Tables

Beer Die Guys - Portable Beer Die Table
The first fully portable beer die table here is here. Say goodbye to gray fold up tables and hello to great bounces. This is v1 of our beer die table and we are pumped for y'all to enjoy it.

Beer Die Table Dimensions
Our beer die table is the official size, 4ft x 8ft, to ensure an optimal playing experience. We conducted lots of research to figure out the proper beer die table height and we realized this aspect of the game varied by college/region. Because of this, our engineers worked hard to create adjustable legs that allow you to play with your beer die table at any height between 27in and 36in. This is something that we are stoked about as we primarily play beer die with a table at 3ft but we prefer our snappa tables to be much lower to the ground for when we play seated.

Beer Die Table Materials
Our beer die table is made up of the highest quality materials. We use top grade A plywood and high quality metal legs as the two base components. We wanted to create a table that allows the game to be played properly, but also is durable and can withstand the natural wear and tear a beer die table endures. Barring any run ins with Bills fans, our tables are built to last years. They are weatherproof, beer proof, and the carrying bag helps keep it in good shape.

Beer Die Table Bounce
The most important part of the table is the bounce. We get asked frequently about how the bounce is and if it is similar to gray fold up tables. While there is no way to know until you try it, here is what we can promise. We started this company to help solve the problem of not being able to toss on vacations, at the beach, at rentals, or wherever we couldn't bring our table or find plywood. We have played this game religiously for 10 years and the last thing we would create is a table with brutal bounces. Besides the roasting we would get online, we wouldn't be able to live with ourselves for creating something that ruins the beautiful game of beer die. So to make a long story short, this table has great bounces. The only thing we can guarantee is that you will never know where the dice is going to go. Unpredictable bounces make beer die so fun, and we hope you enjoy those bounces from our beer die tables.

Beer Die Table Portability
This is a beer die table you can bring wherever you go. When folded up into our sleek carrying bag, our table fits in the majority of trunks and any SUV with the seats lowered. Boats, trains, planes you name it. We designed the bag to make it as easy to carry as possible whether you want the solo workout or if you are lazy like us, to carry it with a friend. The table weighs about 60lbs, so we suggest carrying with a friend. A standard gray folding table is about 30lbs for reference!

Beer Die Table Design
Our design is simple. A circle in each corner to place your cup, a halfway line, and our logo in the middle (we needed some branding). We use a vinyl material on top of the wood that is weatherproof and beer resistant to help protect the table. We also think this gives the dice an even better bounce than straight wood. We then have 4 white circles in the corners to place your cups on, a midway line to determine if tosses are short, and our all white logo featured in the center of the table. If you want to paint your own or get your own vinyl designed, we also offer those options!

Beer Die Table/Environment
It's time to stop playing beer die on plastic tables and time to stop wasting plywood. One of our goals in creating this table is to help limit our environmental footprint. This table will last for years and help us move in the right direction to a more sustainable future! Additionally we are proud to be partnering with ocean cleanups and donating a portion of our sales to this great cause.