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60+ 5-star Customer Reviews

"Great table. It is well designed. Easy to put together and take apart. Heavy but portable. I could carry it by myself, and it fits in my normal-sized car. Gets great bounces. I have used it a lot and spilled on it a few times and the bounces remain strong."

Nicholas W.

Portable Beer Die Table

"The picture submitted looked exactly like the finished product. To be honest, I was not expecting such high quality from an instagram page but they fully delivered. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a personalized touch the next time they want to play die."

Jon A.

Custom Dice

"We purchased a custom table from the Beer Die Guys a few months ago and it is the best one we've ever played on. The bounce that you get from the table makes it so much more elite than others we've played on. It also came with a dope carry bag so we can bring it up to the cottage when we need to. 5/5 would recommend."

Luke D.

Custom Beer Die Table

"These cups are awesome, look great, don’t chip, and keep my beer nice and crisp as I play. Highly recommend!"

Nolan K.

Beer Die Bundle

"The dice are incredible quality. They feel great when used. What a great product and gift! Awesome..."

John K.

Custom Dice

"Honestly, started playing Beer Die a lot after visiting my friend at Ohio State a couple years ago. Since then I’ve gotten a lot of friends and family into the game, and these cups have been the best purchase for playing. They are durable and keep the drinks cold!"

Conor I.

Beer Die Cups