Our Story

The Guys

Simple, like our company name. Just four guys who love beer die. We met at MIT and fell in love with the game in 2012. Thanks to the pandemic we had the genius idea of starting this company. At first it was a bit, but here we are with a lawyer and no other source of income.

Beer Die products made by
Beer Die players

Beer die is the best drinking game out there. The best games deserve the best products. Our products are specifically engineered for beer die. It’s time to take down Big Table, Big Solo Cup, and support the common tosser.

Our Mission: Protect Our Planet

“You don't care about the environment? That's f*cked up, man!” An inspiring quote from 21 jump street that we took to heart. Fewer things beat the beach and the ocean. Because of that we decided to help reduce the use of plastic in beer die and limit our carbon footprint as much as possible. We also have partnered with the Ocean Blue Project who remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean for every $1 donated. We are excited to donate $1 per order to this awesome charity and will increase our donations as we continue to grow. Caring about the environment is cool.