Our Story

We founded Beer Die Guys in 2020. There was no hollywood story or eureka moment unfortunately. It was actually quite simple, kind of like us. Two of us were too lazy to carry a piece of plywood one block and realized there were probably more people like us out there. So naturally we facetimed our two smart engineering friends and explained the problem. After some convincing, they were all in on building the first fully portable beer die table.
Once we started turning this idea from a bit into a real company, we decided three things were important to us: 
  1. Sell high quality products that improve the game of beer die
  2. Help grow the game of beer die to be as big as beer pong
  3. Give back and be as environmentally sustainable as possible
It has been one year and we went from an idea to selling apparel, dice, cups and a portable beer die table. We promise to keep improving on our products to ensure the highest quality and to keep optimizing their environmental impact.
What we are most proud of is our partnership with "Ocean Blue Project" and donating 20% of all cup sales to this charity. This is just the start for us and we are eager to bring this concept to other products as we start to grow as a business. Reducing the amount of solo cups and wasted plastic is important to us, and this is just the start!
Lastly we want to thank you for supporting us and helping to grow the game of beer die. We can't wait to see our tables all over beaches, parks, and campuses for years to come.