Our Story

Beer Die Guys was founded in 2020 by some guys who like Beer Die. The four of us are best friends from MIT who began playing Beer Die in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the game. After years of dealing with tables with terrible bounces, lugging around plywood on trips, and seeing so many wasted materials - we decided enough was enough.

And so, we founded Beer Die Guys. Our goal is to help grow the game of Beer Die by providing the best possible products that are affordable and environmentally sustainable. In the next few months we will be offering a wide variety of beer die products. First we will have beer die apparel, which includes beer die shirts, hoodies and hats. Soon after that we will have the official dice of beer die that are the perfect weight, bounce well, and are customizable. Lastly and most importantly, we will have a portable beer die table that is the proper beer die table height, easy to carry, and of course has great bounces. We are excited to be the official supplier of Beer Die and encourage any feedback to help us improve as we continue to grow!

Beer Die really is the beautiful drinking game and we hope our site teaches you all you need to know as the game continues to grow. We want to make it as frictionless as possible to play so you can start tossing. Thank you for supporting our brand, Let's Toss.


Beer Die Guys