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Beer Die Rules

Beer, 4 Players, 4 Cups, 2+ Dice, 1 Table

Set Up:
- Place one cup in each corner of the table
- Stand behind your cup, next to your partner
- Opponents stand on the opposite side of the table
- Make a halfway line to divide the table into two sides 

To Start:
Roll a die, guess if it will be high (4,5,6) or low (1,2,3). The correct team starts on offense and gets both dice. Make sure your cups are filled all the way up with beer and get ready to toss!

Offense: To shoot you must use one hand to toss the dice underhand, from behind the table, and at least 10 feet above the table. The dice must first land on your opponent's side of the table in the air
Defense: To defend you must use one hand to catch the dice before it hits the ground. You must wait until the dice is no longer above the table and you are not allowed to trap the dice against your body or any other surface
Before Shooting: You must make sure your opponent is ready before you toss (tap the dice on the table or say "die up")
Turns: A turn consists of you and your partner both shooting one dice back to back
Final Score: Standard games are played to 9 (win by 2) with redemption

0 Points: Any toss where the die lands short of the halfway line, does not hit the table, is not high enough, or is caught legally by a defender
1 Point: Hit the opponent's side of the table on the fly and the die hits the ground or stays on the table as a 5
2 Points: Hit the opponent's side of the table on the fly and hits into the cup (or hits the cup on a fly) and the die hits the ground or stays on the table as a 5
3 Points: Hit the opponent's side of the table on the fly and sinks into the cup (or sinks the cup on a fly)

Drinking Rules:
Full Game: Each player must drink 1-2 beers before the game is over
Scoring Plays: If your team gets scored on you and your partner drink
Sinks: If your cup is sunk, you must chug your beer and refill. Your partner is encouraged to join out of solidarity
Sink Dice Roll: After your cup is sunk and you finish your beer, roll the dice. If it is a 5, you must chug a new beer
5's: Any time the dice lands as a 5 (on or off the table), the person who spotted it announces it and everyone takes a sip

Other Fun Rules:
Own Goals: If you toss it in your own cup or your partner's cup, you must finish and follow the sink drinking rules. Your team loses 3 points (can be negative)
Shutout: Losing team must shotgun or do a naked lap
Clean Catches: No bobbling or passing of any kind, only clean catches by one partner
Contact Lover: Offensive players can stand their ground and set picks on defenders who are trying to catch the dice
FIFAs: If the opponent airballs a toss, you can kick the dice on a fly to your partner and if they catch it you get a point 

Final Thoughts:
Sinks are Sinks: If the die goes into the cup it is 3 points, even if it pops out and is caught by the defensive team
Gentleman's Game: For any dispute, the best thing to do is agree what is fair (a re-toss, points, etc.)

Beer Die is considered the gentleman's game and should be treated as such. Arguing, cheating and fighting are strongly discouraged. These rules are the standard rules we were taught and by no means the Bible. Create your own house rules and enjoy the beautiful game!