Official Beer Dice

Official Beer Dice

Official Beer Dice - Beer Die Guys
Official Beer Dice - Beer Die Guys

Official Beer Dice


Look at these prices. Are we the next Amazon? Are we losing money every order? Who knows. We do know these dice were engineered for great bounces and will never let you down like the new bikes.

    - Six sided dice, 16mm
    - Square corners for great bounces
    - Perfect weight for tossing

    - Ships next business day
    - Track via email or order page

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Bradley S.

    Good quality

    Jack K.
    Just like the old bikes used to bike!

    As promised these dice are nearly spot on to the OG bikes -hording a dwindling supply of pristine, original bikes like Hagoromo chalk will soon be a thing of the past. We checked the weight and dimensions of these die and they are nearly spot on to the Bicycle die we grew to love. They even make that clean bike sound on a clean center of palm (COP) catch.

    The die seem to work equally well for snappa, and I will most certainly be ordering more die in the near future.

    Christian H.
    Never hucked such a beautiful cube before

    Compared to the standard bicycle die, these bad boys are in even better shape to reach all the requirements to fall under the label of “perfect”. The straight edges, the density of the cube, and the colored numbers? Beautiful. 10/10 would reccomend over whatever cheap blocks you can buy in bulk on Amazon

    Good dice

    I like them

    Tyler W.
    The Best

    Best dice in the game no question about it