Beer Die Table

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We are working on creating the perfect foldable beer die table. Our engineers are currently testing out different materials so that we can provide you the most affordable product that is fun to play on with great bounces.

Our table will be the proper beer die table height and will have the correct beer die table dimensions. Beer die should be played on a table that is 8ft x 4ft on a surface that let's the die bounce the way it should. While height tends to vary, our beer die table will be between 3ft and 3.5ft, depending on what we decide seems to be the most standard. One of the things that makes beer die great is the different rules in each region. Whether you call it a beer dye table, or a beer die table, we promise it will be fun to play on.

Over the last few months we have been testing different materials until we can find the perfect material for our beer die table. We are excited to have something in the next few months that we know will be perfect to toss on. Until then, Let's Toss.

If you are interested in learning how to build a beer die table yourself, please check out the below explaining everything you need to build your own (coming soon):