Collection: Dice

We have created the perfect dice for beer die. As previous owners of Bicycle dice, we became unhappy with their inconsistencies and boring look. So we created Beer Die Guys dice so you never have to toss unworthy dice ever again.

  • 16mm square cornered
  • Optimal weight
  • Custom dot color
  • Custom logos/designs

Once you switch to bdg dice you will never go back. They feel great in your hand when you are tossing and when you are catching. Our engineers worked with multiple manufacturers to test the bounce and weight of a variety of dice. We know how important quality dice are for the game of beer die and did not want to take any shortcuts in helping to produce what we feel are the best dice on the market. As we continue to grow we hope to allow even more custom dice options.

The highest quality, most affordable dice out there, so you can enjoy beer die the way it was meant to be played. Toss anywhere.