We have created the perfect dice for beer die. Our engineers have tested a variety of different styles of dice and we have finally found our favorite. As previous owners of Bicycle dice, we became unhappy with their inconsistencies and boring look. So we created BeerDieGuys dice so you never have to toss unworthy dice ever again.

Our dice are 16mm, square cornered, and have the perfect weight for tossing. These dice were meant to be a part of beer die and fly off the table and into cups. And the best part is, they are fully customizable. You can choose the color of the dots and what logo you want laser engraved!

Our engineers have invested in a laser engraver that will let you choose exactly how you want your dice to look. Support your college, fraternity, or anything else you can think of. The highest quality, most affordable dice out there, so you can enjoy beer die the way it was meant to be played. Let's Toss.