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I love them!

Extra colors for extra fun!!! Another great product by Beer Die Guys!

BDG Made in USA
Austin Prater
Great Shirt

I love this shirt I wear it all the time and it’s great for tossing in!

Tie Dye Beaut

This sweatshirt is my new wardrobe staple. Looks like cotton candy and get a ton of compliments on it. Definitely copping another for my gf

Best beer die shirt on the market.

So comfortable and looks cool as shit. What more is there to say? Love tossing in this bad boy and the dice pocket is perfect for storing dice. Maybe that's why its called the dice pocket? These guys are geniuses.

Beer Die Cups
Ryan Kelly
Best Cups out there

Few things more satisfying than draining a toss on these bad boys. The clinks are the perfect pitch as well.

As a Boston Based Beer Die Tosser battling wind is a constant issue. These cups completely eliminate the awkward running around to grab cups off the ground after a gust of wind comes and has it’s way with them.

Would give these 6 stars if I could.

Fraternity Dice
Rhys Davies
High quality dice

Bounce really well, a great purchase for anyone who loves a nice day of hucking dice

Fraternity Dice
Aidan McFerren
High Quality Dice

I ordered some custom dice for my fraternity a couple months ago. The logo looks fantastic on the dice, and I've had zero problems with chipping of the dice. They also sent me a couple free dice along with the ones I ordered. All my friends ask me where I got them and I continuously send them here.

Beer Die Cups
Conor Iannuzo
Best Beer Die Cups

Honestly, started playing Beer Die a lot after visiting my friend at Ohio State a couple years ago. Since then I’ve gotten a lot of friends and family into the game, and these cups have been the best purchase for playing. They are durable and keep the drinks cold!

Perfect Shirt for Summer

Shirt is super comfy love the vibrant colors. You know I’ll be rocking this all summer long thanks BDG!

Create Your Own Dice
Brendan Caswell

College Dice

Create Your Own Dice
Amanda Pucella
Great quality dice

I loved the dice I ordered except I ordered my dice custom in red and sent a red design to be printed, and it came in black with red dots ):

Fraternity Dice
Shant Vartan

Came in super early and it's amazing. The boys have been tossing with the Customized dice lately

Create Your Own Dice
Jon Arbuckle
Amazing work!

The picture submitted looked exactly like the finished product. To be honest, I was not expecting such high quality from an instagram page but they fully delivered. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a personalized touch the next time they want to play die. My garfield engraved get a laugh everyone someone new sees them

Great purchase 🤝

Came with a lot more dice than expected! U of O logo looks great, and they tossed (no pun intended) in a few of their other dice as well. Stoked to hit the table and I’ll prolly be back for more after too many fifas over the fence.

Fraternity Dice
Patricia Cantrell
Awesome set of dice

These are just so great details are fabulous

Not bad

They play great and bounce really well but it takes a while to charge em up. Pinks look good in the dark, greens are perfect for dusk

Fraternity Dice
Alex Barger

They are great quality and look fantastic!

Fraternity Dice
Max Humbert

The quality of the die are amazing better than I expected. The letters look dope and super clean. I swear they made me better sank a few the first time using them.

Fraternity Dice
Luc Cantrell
Perfect toss every time

The perfect weight. Quality letter engraved letters. Adds a better pop for ΦΔΘ darties at Tennessee

Fraternity Dice
Troy Marrero

lunar pop, clean letters - great order for tourneys at Chi Psi Cornell

Cozy Crewneck
Sooo comfy

My sister ordered this and I stole it temporarily (as sisters do) but then had to order her another one entirely bc I couldn’t give up the one I’d stolen. So so soft & comfy & worth it

Dean Harris

Good looking hat. Also, wearing it has made it easier to hit sinkers

Tommy Sunshine
wardrobe staple

In the times of Ancient Rome the Mayans would remove their beer die hats after defeat. For after their subsequent beheading they were forced to enter Valhalla in shame, hatless.

While few tables these days adhere to the traditions of our ancestors (never argue with house rules), it means I have never had to take my beer die hat off. I've worn it for nearly every occasion: board meetings with the C-Suite, surfing, funerals. When I enter a business that doesn't allow caps, the staff insists that I keep it on. I know that my hat-wearing ancestors are smiling down on me from Nirvana after ever sink, and I've got this glorious hat to thank for that.

Beast shirt

This shirt is beast. Looks sweet and the fit is super comfortable. Highly recommend.

Hands Team Hoodie
Stephanie Guo

Love this hoodie! So soft!